New Digital Tools From Apple for Photographers, Filmmakers And Creatives

Earlier today, in a packed theater at the Brooklyn Museum of Music in New York City, Apple unveiled three new pieces of computer hardware that will no doubt be of interest to anyone involved in creating photos, videos and multimedia. The new products include a new Apple iPad Pro tablet, Air laptop and Mac Mini.

The most prominent for creatives of all types is the new Apple iPad Pro, which has been thoroughly redesigned. For starters, Apple has ditched the home button, as it did on the iPhone X phone, in favor of Face ID, which allows the screen of the iPad Pro to really move to the edge of the tablet. The new iPad Pro tablets come in two sizes: an 11-inch display (starting at $799) and 12.9-inch display (starting at $999).

There were many more design features that have been reworked, including a new liquid retina display, an A12X Bionic chip, a new Neural Engine, better audio hardware (with enhanced woofers for better bass), Bluetooth 5.0 and a camera that has the ability to capture videos at 4K-resolution video at 60 frames per second. It also includes USB-C ports for more versatile connectivity. Now, you can connect to lots of devices directly, including new high-resolution monitors and cameras. It also comes with Apple’s new Apple Pencil, which looks like a great tool for creatives.

The new tablet has upgraded processing power, with its eight-core A12X Bionic chip and its seven-core GPU system. What that means is you can really get some tremendous power in the apps you use. To demonstrate this, Adobe joined Apple on stage at the event and had two presentations, showing off apps they unveiled a couple of weeks ago at Adobe MAX. Adobe gave a 3-minute demonstration of Photoshop CC for the iPad and how you could create a file with nearly countless layers, just like on a desktop or laptop. Then, in an additional 1-minute demo, the presenter opened up Project Aero to reveal how the tablet could use the same layered PSD file and bring it into the AR app to create a virtual experience with it.

In addition to the iPad Pro, Apple also announced an all-new Apple Air laptop, starting at $1,199 and an all-new update to the Mac Mini, starting at $799. For more, see





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