Negotiating Advice For Working Photographers

For any of you who might be thinking of a career in photography, whether that’s right now or someday far off in the future, this is a good read from the Jobs blog at AOL. It’s all about negotiating rates with a prospective client, and it manages to sum up both the human stresses and emotions most photographers seem to feel when it comes to talking money. There are some gems in here that I think are helpful for any photographer who may need to negotiate anything from day rates to licensing terms on any type of photography assignment. My favorite, though, is the suggested response that photographers use when confronted about slashing a day rate: "People choose to work with me because they respect my skills, knowledge and achievements for them and others. They pay my day rate out of respect and because they know that I will produce the results they need. In turn, lowering my day rate for you would be unfair and disrespectful to my clients who do pay my rate." Speaking of respecting and helping photographers, the ASMP also serves as a tremendous resource for information not only on business and photographic terms that are useful when it comes to negotiating with prospective clients, but for all aspects of the photography business. The ASMP’s online business resource center includes guidelines and examples for all sorts of photo-related business documents. Check it out via the second link below.

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