Myths of being a pro photographer

You’re a talented photographer. You like earning extra income and meeting interesting people thanks to your camera. Why not pursue a career in the glamorous world of professional photography? After all, you’ll party with supermodels and soon be rolling in cash, right? Your biggest concern will be how to choose from among the countless assignments you’re offered on a regular basis. So you might as well just do it.

Yeah right.

Maybe these myths are a little extreme, but some folks think the world of professional photography is a lot more glamorous than it really is. There are many common misunderstandings about what it’s really like to be a commercial photographer. On his Lighting Essentials blog, Don Giannatti dispels these and other myths about what it’s like to earn your living as a pro. It’s not as exciting as you may think, but it isn’t all bad either. If you’re considering pursuing photography for more than fun, check out Don’s post and make sure you’re okay with the reality of being a working photographer as opposed to just the fantasy.

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