My Movie-making Lens Shade

With many DSLRs you can shoot stills and video too. The problem is, no matter how hard you try, you can’t efficiently shoot both at the same time. So recently when a client requested that I cover their event with both stills and video, I came up with what I’m calling an ingenious solution. Already in possession of the awesome and affordable GoPro Hero HD video camera (which is downright tiny and designed to mount almost anywhere) I realized that yes, I could occasionally switch my camera into movie mode in order to capture key clips of video where appropriate, but better still I could mount my GoPro on top of my camera for always-on video coverage. So using one of the super-sticky mounts that comes with every GoPro, I was able to affix the video camera directly to the top of my lens shade. (I considered making a hot shoe mount, but was worried I would get the front of my lens in the frame since the GoPro produces such a wide angle view. And that way I couldn’t put a flash on my hot-shoe either.) In the end, the only adjustment I made to my shooting style was to hold the camera steadier for longer intervals, so that I would have the opportunity to produce usable footage from the tiny camera, and the whole system worked wonderfully. So if you’re interested in defying physics and shooting photos and video simultaneously, give my system a try. For more information on GoPro’s HD cameras, visit

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