My Favorite Photo Books Of 2013

If you’ve got some last minute shopping to do, allow me to present a list of ten great ideas (if I do say so myself). Here’s my personal photo book wish list for 2013. 
1. This Is Mars, by Xavier Barral
A stunning collection of scientific images of the red planet, turned to beautiful black and white. It might be "the" must-have photo book of the year.
2. Humans of New York, by Brandon Stanton
What started as a simple little photo project has turned into a life-changing event for street photographer Stanton—and for his many subjects and regular readers, too.
3. 50 Portraits, by Gregory Heisler
Heisler tops the list of commercial photographers I admire. His skill with lighting is unsurpassed and he’s a natural teacher, which makes this breakdown of 50 portraits a must-read.  
4. Things Come Apart, by Todd McLellan
Ever taken apart a rotary telephone and meticulously organized it, then photographed it, then repeated the process with dozens of other objects? McLellan has, and the results are amazing fun.
5. Storms, by Mitch Dobrowner
I’m often surprised when people dismiss the Midwestern plains as a landscape devoid of drama. One look at Dobrowner’s book proves it’s anything but boring.
6. Self Portraits, by Vivian Maier
Maier’s story is worthy of the many gallons of ink that have been dedicated to her, but the story wouldn’t fly if her work wasn’t superb—that includes her iconic self portraits.
7. Genesis, by Sebastio Salgado
A master of documenting the plight of the world’s workers, Salgado here turns his camera on the natural environment in his home country of Brazil.
8. Before They Pass Away, by Jimmy Nelson
Absolutely breathtaking images, equal parts art and science. Nelson’s photographs document disappearing tribal cultures throughout the world.
9. Black Maps, by David Maisel
A gorgeous and unsettling collection of altered landscapes that benefits from the tension between abstraction and straightforward representation of the subject.
10. Excerpts from Silver Meadows, by Todd Hido
Hido is one of my favorite artists working today. This collection of portraits and landscapes is a reimagining of the artist’s suburban upbringing.

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