My Favorite Olympic Photography Links

We’ve been treated to two major world events in recent weeks, each with a seemingly unending supply of great photographic stories. The first, the Olympics, is what I’m going to talk about today, and share a few links to stories I love. (Tune in tomorrow for the second, which I’ll keep a surprise for the moment.) So here are some of my favorite stories from London 2012. First is the newspaper photographer for the Guardian who decided to cover his hometown games with nothing but an iPhone, a few add-on lenses and a pair of binoculars. And you know what? It worked! His photos look darn good. Second is the story of a world class athlete turned photographer–at least for a few moments. Usain Bolt won the 200mm sprint to become the first man to win back-to-back 100mm and 200mm races at the Olympics. As part of his celebration, he turned to a group of photographers, borrowed a DSLR from a Swedish journalist and snapped off about a dozen frames of fellow runners, the crowd and the media’s intense gaze. Bolt did a pretty great job of composing and focusing his photos and, all things considered, he’s might be pretty a good photographer. Lastly, check out the gallery of images that one professional photographer captured with a compact digital camera. Panasonic contracted with Getty photographer Dean Mouhtaropoulos to photograph the events of London 2012 with a Lumix DMC-G5. He made great images of everything from the opening ceremony to fast action in swimming, gymnastics, volleyball and more. All in all, the Olympics is always a photographer’s dream, and it consistently presents interesting stories and wonderful photographs. This year was no exception.

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