Mount Your D-SLR Lenses To Your iPhone. Really.

Ever since the iPhone, and in particular the introduction of its Instagram app, folks everywhere have been treating their iPhones like actual cameras. The point, usually, is that you can make great pictures with even a relatively rudimentary fixed-focal length lens. And it also proves, as Chase Jarvis will attest, that the best camera is the one you have with you all the time. Just like an iPhone. Well now there’s another add-on for folks who want to get serious, really serious, about taking iPhone pictures… in a totally ridiculous way. It’s the SLR iPhone lens mount from PhotoJojo, which allows you to take the zoom off your Nikon D90 (or whatever Nikon or Canon D-SLR you happen to be toting) and affix it to your iPhone for "serious" picture taking power. I know it’s too ridiculous to be true, and yet here it is. See for yourself at the PhotoJojo web site.

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