More Megapixel Madness

Some say the race to make super-high-resolution cameras is dead. The new frontier is better image quality, they say, not massively high-resolution image files. Well to them I have but one thing to say: meet the new 200-megapixel Hasselblad H4D-200MS. For product and still-life photographers, this camera offers the ultimate resolution available in digital capture. To be clear, the camera achieves that whopping 200-megapixel resolution not through a sensor with 200-million physical pixels on it, but through utilizing multi-shot technology. Six different exposures are made on the 50-megapixel sensor, which physically shifts a distance of 1.5 pixels after each exposure in order to create an overlapping dense pixel map—no gaps in coverage and a whole lot of pixel information combine to create this amazing, super-detailed 200-megapixel image. The camera’s not inexpensive, but there is a bit of good news: owners of the H4D-50 can send their cameras in to the manufacturer for a 200-megapixel retrofit. Read all about it at the Hasselblad web site.

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