More Close-Ups Of Eyes

Just the other day I wrote about the beautifully creepy close-ups of human eyes photographed by Suren Manvelya. Little did I know that Mr. Manvelya has a history of extreme close-ups of eyes—animal eyes, in fact. He’s recently released a new series of animal eyes as well, and I think they serve as an interesting counterpoint to the human eye photos I showed here last week. I think the difference, at least to me, as that these animal eye close-ups don’t strike me as creepy in the least. The eyes are somehow more exotic and strange, and so seeing them in such minute detail is only fascinating. I think the difference with the human eyes is that we are intimately familiar with what human eyes look like, and so seeing them in a whole new light—one that is immensely personal—does add a bit of an edge. These animal eyes, however, are simply fascinating—stunning in their intricacy, as well as in how differently they look from species to species, and how they differ from our own eyes, and how they are alike. A really tremendous subject that is worth continued exploration. Great job, Suren.

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