More Camera Tools You Can Make From Paper

Paper is an important part of my photography. I use cardboard sheets as fill cards, I use little bits of white paper to bounce my flash, and now I can use simple black paper to create a lens hood. While I’ve seen lens shades made from paper in the past, it’s never really occurred to me to use the stuff in a simpler fashion—namely, just wrap it around the end of a lens and secure it with a rubber band to create an instant lens shade. Voila, it’s just that simple. I’m never going to recommend this homemade solution in lieu of a factory spec lens hood, but in a pinch when you’ve lost or broken your lens shade, I’d rather see you using a cobbled together paper system to keep insidious lens flare out of your lens. It is, in fact, very much better than nothing. Check out John Neel’s tip at the Pixiq blog for all the particulars of his system.

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