Moby Photos: Destroyed

This week is all about photo books. We’ll start with one by Moby. You know, Moby, that quiet little bald guy with glasses who makes that loud fun dance music stuff? He’s actually a pretty talented artist in a variety of arenas. He supports artists too, allowing independent filmmakers like you and me to use his music free of charge—which I have done. Well his talents also extend to photography as well, and he’s got a new book and London exhibit that coincided with last month’s release of a brand new album, Destroyed. Apparently Mr. Moby takes his camera wherever he goes, and this book documents his travels around the world as a touring musician. Check out the work via the Hotshoe blog, and consider supporting this artist who supports the work of so many others by buying his new book, or maybe the record by the same name—which of course features a Moby photograph on the cover as well.

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