Minbox For Easy Sharing Of Large Image Files

I’ve leased space on Amazon.com’s servers (i.e. "the cloud") for a few years now. It’s useful for archiving and file delivery—though a bit tricky to set up for a novice. For a lot of photographers, figuring out how to deliver high-resolution image files to friends and clients is a constant challenge. Now there’s Minbox, which may not officially have been designed for photographers, but it sure looks useful especially for us. Upload your files to Minbox and what you deliver to your client is a link that opens a web gallery of files. If those files are jpegs, the client sees large thumbnails. It really is readymade for photographers. Better still, Minbox just announced a Google Chrome plugin for those who use Gmail. The plugin allows for one-click uploading of large files without ever leaving the Gmail interface. It’s like attaching a file, but instead of truly attaching it, the files are sent to the cloud and a link is automatically generated and embedded in the email. Now that’s what I call seamless file sharing. Check it out at minbox.com.

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