Mastering The Art Of Panning

Panning the camera is the best way to introduce a feeling of motion via a blurry subject or a blurry background. And while it’s a fairly straightforward technique, it does take a while to really master. So here’s a group of nine useful tips for photographers who are trying to master the art of panning. It covers the basics—like how you’ve got to use a slow shutter speed in order to pan—as well as some subjects that aren’t so simple. Did you know, for instance, that your image stabilized lenses might actually aid you in making a beautifully blurred pan? When IS was new, the best advice was to simply turn it off so it doesn’t interfere with the pan by counteracting it, but these days the best lenses offer the ability to dial in the correct axis for the lens movement to ensure that the associated panning will create motion blur, while movements in other directions won’t. For more on this, and eight other great tips, visit

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