Manhattan From Above

Yesterday I mentioned a collection of great photographs of the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, but unfortunately that collection left this one out—and this may be the best of them all. It’s by photographer Iwan Baan, and it graced the cover of New York magazine for obvious reasons. This is a great photograph. Not just because it is, quite obviously, a beautiful composition that tells a tremendous story in the blink of an eye. But it’s also great because of how it was made. It’s momentous, really. It’s indicative of a type of photograph that can be made today, thanks to technological innovation, which simply could not have been made ten years ago. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: high ISOs are the real cutting edge of innovation in digital capture. And this photographer’s ability to shoot at ISO 25,000 and produce not only a USABLE full-page printed image, but a BEAUTIFUL full-page printed image, is as much testament as you’ll ever need to believe that technology is fundamentally changing photography. And in many ways, it’s for the better. Bravo to Mr. Baan, the photographer who made this tremendous image look so easy. Read more at

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