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Manfrotto Manhattan 3-Way Camera Bag

Use the versatile Changer-20 shoulder bag to ride into work, then attend meetings and carry around town all day
Manfrotto camera bags

The Manfrotto Manhattan Changer-20 three-way camera bag is a surprisingly well-designed shoulder bag from the Italian manufacturer’s lifestyle line—it surprised me because the understated design doesn’t indicate how functional the bag is. Compared to the leather “fancy bag” I shared last month, this is a carry-on for a short trip, a run-and-gun shoot or a meeting.

The Manhattan traveled with us to London for the cine assignment, and my wife quickly took it over. How I know a product is going to be a hit is if she immediately claims it as her own. Putting up with the somewhat high-maintenance demands of a creative personality, giving her one of my demo bags isn’t that much to ask. And, she has used it ever since.

Manfrotto camera bags

When asked what she liked about the bag, she told me:

“I like a thin bag that holds and protects my laptop, but is still light and that doesn’t look like I’m carrying a backpack into meetings…the color is masculine, but never looked dirty. Mostly, I liked the versatility of the three-way strap. I used it on a ride into work, then meetings and all day around town.”

Until she showed me how you can change the straps from a tote to a shoulder to a backpack, I didn’t know it did all that—that’s the three-way function—and it holds a camera body or two, plus a couple lenses with room for cables, a spare battery and more.

The bag is made from an easy-to-clean ballistic fabric with premium zippers and pulls. The coated material on the bottom part can easily be wiped clean. The external fabric is water-repellent, and a rain protector is additionally supplied for convenience.

While the bag is an entirely different style than the Blackforest Rimo, just as with that bag, I appreciate the attention to detail, and when a manufacturer considers how a photographer travels and uses their bags. The key features of the collection are:

  • Dedicated for busy city dwellers and commuters with a passion for photography
  • Adapts to different kit choices, thanks to Manfrotto’s new Flexy Camera Shell
  • Flexible to use, with removable protective inserts—100% photography bag to 100% lifestyle everyday bag in an instant
  • Multiple carrying solutions for equipment, tripod, helmet and more
  • Carefully designed style made of tough, high-quality materials

And, the price is a reasonable $119.99. Of those bullet points, the Flexy Camera Shell is the killer one. It’s a removable pouch of interior padded dividers that can be rearranged. Don’t tell Manfrotto, but I’ve used that pouch with other bags since our trip and wish they sold it separately.

Manfrotto camera bags

Manfrotto camera bags

Find the Manfrotto Manhattan three-way camera bag from an authorized retailer near you or online. Also see the full collection here.

Full Feature List

  • Interchangeable Dividers—Both modular and easy to use, these dividers allow you to custom fit the inside of your bag around your gear by creating the exact size compartment for your needs
  • Water Repellant—A specially applied coating to the fabric makes it resistant to moisture
  • External Tripod Connections—This bag comes with the option and proper connections to attach your tripod externally
  • Tablet Compartment—Dedicated compartment for a tablet
  • Rain Protector—Included fold-out protector which, when installed, creates a barrier between the wet outside and dry inside of your bag
  • Laptop Compatible—Protect your laptop during transport in this compartment (see bag for exact sizes)
  • Cabin Luggage—This bag fits the standard to be used as carry-on luggage (due to ever-changing restrictions, check with your carrier prior to departure)
  • Trolley Connection—For easy wheel-along transportation, simply slide the designated strap connector over any standard trolley or luggage handle
  • Flexi Dividers—Custom-designed dividers have the option to fold out of the way when needed or to be pulled out to protect your equipment in special situations


Weight: 43.73 oz.

Types of Gear: DSLR, Mirrorless

Number of Lenses: 3

Tripod Connection: Yes

Storage for Personal Items: Yes

Color: Gray

Material Synthetic: Fabric

External Height: 17.32 in.

External Length: 13.78 in.

External Width: 5.51 in.

Internal main compartment height (H): 16.14 in.

Internal main compartment length (L): 12.6 in.

Internal main compartment width (W): 4.72 in.

Personal Compartment Height: 12.6 in.

Personal Compartment Length: 4.72 in.

Personal Compartment Width: 3.94 in.

Laptop Compartment Height: 11.42 in.

Laptop Compartment Length: 13.78 in.

Laptop Compartment Width 0.79 in.

Type of Bag: Shoulder Bag

Camera Insert Height: 11.42 in.

Camera Insert Length: 7.87 in.

Camera Insert Width: 3.94 in.

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