Manage Your Batteries Better

I know, I know… Batteries. Blah. Boring. But seriously, batteries are so important to photographers! They power our cameras and our flashes and if we’re not immensely careful with them we’ll find ourselves completely unable to take any pictures at all. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for better battery advice. Sure enough, I found it at the DIY Photography blog in the form of a post with great tips on building your own battery management system. What does it do? It offers an easy to use and incredibly efficient way of storing and carrying batteries so that you know how to differentiate between which ones are fully charged and ready to go, and which ones are dead. This is a huge problem in my own life, as every time I pick up an AA battery I never know whether it will work or not. If I build one of these simple systems I’ll be all set. I recommend you do it too. Learn how at

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