Make Skies Ultra-Blue

Balancing strobe exposures with ambient light is one of my favorite photographic techniques. It’s also the one that I think is most indicative of a robust understanding of photographic lighting. If you can control strobe and ambient independently in an image, I think you can do anything. That belief tends to be echoed at the Strobist blog, where David Hobby teaches people how to make amazing lighting with simple hand-held strobes. His most recent amazing lighting post showcases a simple technique for creating very deep blue skies when illuminating a subject with a flash. The trick? Apply a Rosco Plusgreen or orange gel to the strobe, balance for that light (with fluorescent or tungsten presets), and watch the ambient shift to ultra-blue while the subject remains neutrally balanced. Great tip, easy to apply, powerful effect. What more could you ask for?

Photo © David Hobby

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