Make It Easier To Paint With Light

The friendly folks at Photojojo have a knack for finding the oddest, most whimsical photographic devices in the world. So perhaps it should be no surprise that they’re now selling a spray can aimed at graffiti artists. Don’t worry, though: instead of spraying paint, this can sprays light. It’s the Glow Graffiti light paint can and for 40 bucks it provides a bottomless cup of light painting fun. Use the embedded blue LED to paint with light just as you would with any flashlight or fiber optic device, or work in conjunction with the included stencils and UV background to make your light graffiti last longer, giving you more time to photograph it with a long exposure. Winter is the perfect time to practice long exposures and light painting since the days are shorter and the sun sets so early. You can learn more about the light paint can, as well as a number of other odd photo devices, at the Photojojo web site. If you act soon you’re sure to find a lot of ideas for the photographers on your holiday shopping list—as well as countless ideas for filling your own stocking.

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