Lions Of The Serengeti

The work of photographer Michael "Nick" Nichols is prominently featured in a fascinating story about Lions of the Serengeti in the August issue of National Geographic. The images are not only beautiful, they also offer a fascinating look inside the otherwise unknowable world of the lion. Some of the techniques and technologies Nichols used to make the photographs are notable as well. For instance, when photographing lions after dark, the photographer was careful not to do anything that would frighten or distract the animals, so he used infrared in order to see his subjects clearly and illuminate them without disturbing them. Another technology he used was robotics; small robots carried remote cameras up close and personal with lions as they hunted, fed, mated and relaxed. There’s a ton of supporting material online at National Geographic, but I’d suggest starting with this gallery of 20 images that showcases a wide variety of amazing lion imagery. Then, toward the top of that page you’ll find links to several other sections of the story. Click on "The Moment" for a brief interview with Nichols, and finally be sure to check out the finished multimedia presentation, "The Serengeti Lion," in which you can hear about the experience straight from the photographer’s mouth. It’s stunning work, the kind of thing that makes National Geographic one of the best places to see world-class photography.
Photo by Michael Nichols

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