Linda McCartney's Thoughtful Photographs

I’ve been seeing a lot of Linda McCartney’s work lately. And that’s a good thing, because before now I never realized what a talented photographer she was. I’d always sort of assumed she was a rock star wife in the right place at the right time, fortunate to photograph the Beatles in their heyday from behind the scenes. But that was my mistake, one born out of simple ignorance. The release of a beautiful new Taschen retrospective of her work has prompted many photo blogs—including Brain Pickings, which finally prompted me to write about the late Mrs. Sir Paul—to feature her work. What a talent. The images show that she was a gifted photographer who certainly would have been a success no matter what she would have turned her camera to. Along with the Brain Pickings collections, there’s another great gallery of her work at Everyday I Show, which is well worth checking out whether you love everything Beatles related, or if you just like being inspired by wonderful photography.

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