Lightroom Tonal Control

Helen Bradley sure knows her Lightroom. In a recent post at Digital Photo School, Helen taught me another great thing about the photo management and RAW processing program I’ve slowly been learning this year. Normally, in my RAW processing workflow, I reach a certain point at which I output the image into Photoshop to make targeted adjustments to particular tones within a picture. Often these are as simple as pulling down nearly blown out highlights, or saturation and contrast adjustments to particular colors. I’ve long used gradient tools in Lightroom to help make adjustments in various regions of the frame, but not until I read Helen’s wonderful piece did I really understand how to put adjustments to work across particular tones in any part of the frame. Reading Helen’s DPS piece gave me a better understanding of how I can make finer tonal adjustments within Lightroom. Anything that makes Lightroom an increasingly efficient image editing tool can simplify your workflow without compromising image quality. 

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