Lightroom 4 Speedy Workaround

I was recently shooting all sorts of portraits—like, thousands of exposures—over the course of three days for a great client who was leaving town immediately following wrap on the third day. The client wanted to take low-resolution proof JPEGs with them, and so I set Lightroom 4 to processing the first set of 1200 raw files. It took just short of forever. So I started Googling and found a tip in a Lightroom forum—a great tip, in fact, that saved the day. If you break a single batch process of say 1000 images exporting into three batches of 333 simultaneously exporting, they will export significantly FASTER in total. Like 25 to 30 percent faster. It’s because Lightroom 4 is built to not use up all of a computer’s processing power during import and export—meaning it can do multiple batches faster than a single one. Here’s an article at CNet that explains the particulars of how and why this happens, but trust me—it works!

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