Lighting In Layers

David Hobby, the lighting genius behind the Strobist blog, is having a busy time of late. First he announced an upcoming national tour with fellow hot-shoe-guru Joe McNally, and now he’s announced an interesting video tutorial series called "Lighting In Layers." The DVD box set is due next month, and it’s particularly appealing to me because of the title. It’s the way I’ve always found most success with studio and location lighting: light in layers. In fact, I don’t always start my lighting with the key light. Sometimes it’s the background light, or the hair light, or a kicker, or any other important source in the scene. The point is, lighting in layers has always allowed me to understand exactly what each light is doing, and it’s given me great control over the subtleties of each light in the scene. I’m sure this set has much more going for it than a great title (and my personal favorite approach to lighting) so read all about it on the Strobist blog and check it out when it’s released in March.

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