Have you ever tried to take pictures through glass? It could be that you’re indoors trying to shoot out a window, or maybe you’re at the zoo trying to photograph through a glass wall, or perhaps you’d simply like to make nice pictures of the fish in your fish tank. The trick for shooting through glass is to ensure that you’re shooting from the darker side of the glass. Think of it like a window at night: if it’s light inside and dark outside, you can’t see out very well but your neighbors can sure see in. So to up your odds for shooting through glass–to eliminate the mirror-like reflections that interfere with the success of your shot–you need to block all light coming from behind you and keep it from hitting the glass that you’re shooting through. A good approach is to wear a black t-shirt and try to get your lens right up to the glass, positioning your body so as to create a shadow through which you may shoot. Or, you could just get a Lenskirt. I’d never heard of this genius little device until I read about it in an ASMP blog. "Oh, it’s brilliant!" That’s what I literally said out loud the moment I first saw the thing. It’s a pretty handy device if you ever find yourself struggling to shoot through glass. Check it out at www.lenskirt.com

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