Lens Hood Operator Error

Today I’ve got a little tip for you. No link, no video, just a simple little bit of advice. And, I suppose, a call to action. Here it is: Don’t use your camera with your lens hood pointing backwards! I can’t tell you how often I see this, and how crazy it makes me. I know, I’ve got problems, but seriously: don’t use your lens shade backwards. I’d rather you not have a lens shade at all than that you have one, and keep it attached to the camera, but then you don’t actually take the time (all of 15 seconds) to reverse it when you’re ready to shoot. I understand autofocus meaning you may not need to reach the focus ring, and I also understand that you might like to stow your camera with the hood reversed because it saves on space, but for goodness sake you’re just making the camera heavier and more user un-friendly when you do it this way (because zooming and focusing do become more difficult), not to mention the fact that you’re totally not protecting the lens and you’re leaving it vulnerable to that horrible lens flare stuff. So seriously, just do me this one favor for the sake of my sanity: don’t use your lens hood backwards. Flip it around. Chances are you’ll take better pictures this way, too. 

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