Leica’s “Most Boring Ad Ever”

Last week, I mentioned the new camera from legacy manufacturer Leica, the T. This week, I’ll tell you about a new advertisement for the device, a tongue-in-cheek video produced by Leica to promote the finely crafted aluminum chassis of the T. They call it "the most boring ad ever made," and for good reason: it’s a 45-minute long video of a technician hand-polishing the aluminum camera body—which of course shows the extent to which Leica goes to ensure top quality finishes. It’s apparently an actual representation of the sanding and polishing that goes into every T camera. The video offers a neat way to see just what goes into making a fine camera, and it’s actually a bit interesting and informative too. See for yourself at http://designtaxi.com/news/365298/Leica-Unveils-The-Most-Boring-Ad-Ever-Made/.

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