Learning HDR

High-Dynamic Range processing, known popularly as “HDR,” is a bit of a controversial topic. Many photographers love it for its visceral, hyper-real grabbing power. When you see an HDR image, it epitomizes “eye candy.” That’s also part of the problem if you’re on the other side of the fence, the side which says HDR is too over the top, too unreal, too much of a post-processing effect—too much eye candy. Whatever your opinion about HDR, there’s little argument that the effect is extremely popular. Many photographers on the fence want to understand how to create HDR effects, from super-subtle to over the top. That’s where a good education comes in, and Rick Sammon’s new book, HDR Secrets for Digital Photographers, is not only a valuable teaching tool it’s a fun read too. Sammon delves into great detail, explaining 200 techniques with more than 150 of his own HDR images. Whether if you’re brand new to the technique or if you’re an HDR master, you’re bound to learn from these pages.


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