Learn Photography Online

If you or someone you know is fairly new to photography, you might be well served by an introductory photography class. I often recommend that folks look into these classes at their local community colleges and continuing education centers, but there’s another nice option available online. It’s the Intro to Photography Class created by photographer Alex Buisse. It stemmed from the group Reddit, an online community where users post content on a practically infinite set of topics, and discuss them in depth and at length. It’s a site that can be a big time-waster (in the best way possible) or a very practical way to learn something new. Well, in the Photography "sub-Reddit" (a section of the site dedicated to photographic discussions) Buisse organized his Intro to Photography class and presented it via Reddit to more than 7,000 users in 2010. The course was a huge success, and I can tell you that in its new home on a dedicated site run by Buisse, it is really sharply done and looks to be a wonderful way for new photographers to learn a lot about the medium. Buisse is clearly a very talented adventure photographer and a great teacher, and this class might be just the ticket for beginner photographers to get a solid footing in a very practical way. Read all about it—and take the class—at http://www.r-photoclass.com/.

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