Learn Color Lookup Adjustment Layers From Adobe TV

Do you know Julieanne Kost? Do you watch Adobe TV? If you answered "no" to either of those questions, you’ve got some work to do. Ms. Kost is the principal "evangelist" for Adobe Photoshop, which means she’s a prominent voice in the quest to increase the overall reach and understanding of Photoshop as an image-making tool. I’ve long read her blog posts and other helpful articles online, but recently I started learning straight from the expert’s mouth thanks to the wonderful resource of Adobe TV. Just like it sounds, Adobe TV is an online channel filled with amazing videos from Photoshop professionals—including Ms. Kost and many other experts. It really is a wonderful resource, no matter what Photoshop topics you’re interested in. I recommend starting with this great video about using Color Lookup Table Adjustment Layers. It’s a quick and easy to understand lesson in a tremendous CS6 tool. So not only should you add Color Lookup Table Adjustment Layers to your retouching repertoire, you should add Ms. Kost and Adobe TV to your learning repertoire as well.


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