Kickstarter And The EZ Steady

One of my favorite trends in this web three-point-whatever era is the Kickstarter photo device. I suppose all sorts of industries have flooded the Kickstarter site with devices for sale by entrepreneurial inventors, but the photo market sure does seem perfect for it. After all, we’re so often looking for a better mousetrap, and anyone who can make even a decent mousetrap at a significant cost savings… well, we’re happy to spend our money with them. I’ve seen camera straps and buckles and quick releases and all sorts of successful photographic accessories get rousingly funded via Kickstarter, and so it is with the most recent device worthy of your consideration. It’s the EZ Steady camera stabilizer. It works with a gimbal and counterweight to make it possible to handhold your D-SLR while shooting video. That’s no small achievement, as anyone who’s tried to handhold a D-SLR for video knows. For a $225 contribution you’ll get your own EZ Steady shipped straight to you in January—saving 100 bucks off the eventual retail price. We’ve ordered one at my studio already, and I’m looking forward to shooting some handheld video with it—almost as much as I’m looking forward to the EZ Steady’s promised simple setup process. If you want to shoot handheld video on a budget, you may want to have a look at this, quick.

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