Keeping Lenses Clean

I know all about how important it is to keep my sensor clean, and I’m sure you know this too. Anybody who’s spent hours at a time retouching dust spots out of blue skies or other areas in a favorite photograph is bound to redouble his efforts to keep dust from landing on the sensor in the first place. But there’s another important piece of gear you need to keep clean, and that’s your lens. Old-school photographers are sure to remember keeping lenses clean; after all, ten years ago that was the main piece of equipment you worried about. Whether you’re a microfiber cloth or a disposable wipes guy, a lens pen or a camel hair brush user, you’ve got lots of options and no excuse to not keep your lenses clean. The fine folks at LightStalking have put together a neat little video to help you follow their suggested best practices when it comes to cleaning lenses. They even updated their post after the video first aired to include another approach—the Hollywood approach—to keeping glass dust-free.

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