Joyce Tenneson’s View

I was just yesterday gazing at a favorite photograph of mine, made by Joyce Tenneson close to 20 years ago, and wondering what she was up to these days. Then this crossed my desk and I got my answer. She’s working on the View Project. The View is a book she’s curating, filled with photographs of places that hold deep meaning for the photographers who submit the work. About it she writes, ìI have been interested in what it is that touches us–and it is something different for each individual–when we are somehow in the presence of a view that strikes us with awe. My thought is to ask photographers around the world to contribute a photograph of a particular place–for example, the desert, mountains, ocean, reflections, gardens, etc, etc–that has moved them in an indelible and deep fashion." Not just nice views, though, Joyce really wants to see the places that move you. Visit her web site and read all about the project, and if you’ve got an ideal image, send it in. 

Photo © Joyce Tenneson

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