It’s not about the camera

Photographer Peter Belanger usually uses a 60-megapixel medium format digital camera to shoot his magazine covers. For this month’s Macworld cover photo of the new iPhone 4, however, Belanger used… the new iPhone 4. He used the camera to shoot the camera, and now that cell phone photo is the cover of a major magazine. Yet more proof that it’s not about the camera—it’s about the photographer, the light, the composition, the talent, the processing… Actually, while all that is definitely true—the light and photographer are much more important than the gear—it must be at least a little about the camera. You’ll notice he didn’t do this with a first-generation iPhone camera, or an old cell phone camera capable only of VGA capture. The point, I think, is that once you reach a certain level of quality—in this case, a level that’s now being reached by the latest and greatest cell phone cameras (mine has 8 megapixels and a fairly decent flash even though it’s mostly a phone)—it stops being about the camera and becomes almost all about those more important aspects of concept, creativity and light. Anyway, forget all of my philosophizing and just check out the behind-the-scenes look at Belanger’s making of a magazine cover, which would be interesting even if it wasn’t shot with a phone.

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