Is This CF Card Empty Or Full?

How do you know which of your batteries are charged and which ones are empty? How can you tell which CF cards you’ve already shot, and which ones are ready to use? What methods do you use to distinguish spent cards and batteries from fresh ones? It’s actually an important consideration, because the last thing you want is to accidentally shoot over images on your CF card, or rely on an almost empty battery to get you through your day. My method is simple: unused CF cards go in my right front pocket, and used cards go in the front left. If I won’t be able to download immediately, I put full cards in my wallet so they’re never just sitting abandoned somewhere—that’s the first step toward accidentally erasing. When it comes to batteries, though, I have no good plan in place. Maybe I should check out this DIY Photography post on distinguishing ready-to-go equipment from spent supplies. You should do it too if you haven’t figured this out already for yourself.

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