iPad For Photographers

Apple’s iPad has a lot to offer photographers—it may be the ultimate photo accessory. First, you’ll be able to connect your digital camera to the iPad and download photos, giving you the peace of mind of an instant backup, plus the ability to review images on a much larger screen than the camera’s LCD. You’ll also be able to e-mail photos or upload them to online services right away. That’s going to be really excellent, especially when traveling.

The most interesting part for photographers, though, is not what the iPad can do right out of the box, but the huge library of applications that will be developed for this device. To get an idea, look at the iPhone App Store. Photoshop.com Mobile for iPhone lets you make a variety of enhancements to photos taken with the phone, from basics like cropping and exposure to fun art effects like sketching and colorizing. Our own Rick Sammon has an iApp, Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet, a feast of how-to tips and techniques for quick reference. Apple’s MobileMe Gallery and iDisk apps make it easy to upload photos to your MobileMe services for sharing and backup.

These are just a few of the literally hundreds of apps already available for photographers with iPhones, and new apps are being developed every day. With a much larger screen and more powerful processor on the iPad compared to the iPhone, software developers will be able to design very sophisticated applications. We can foresee a time in the not so distant future when there will be very few typical photo tasks that will require sitting down at your home computer.

Explore all photo-related iPad apps.

For a quick overview of the iPad, see our iPad first look, then let us know what you think. Did you grab an iPad yet? Is there one in your future? If you use an iPad or iPhone now, what are your favorite apps for photography?


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