Improve Your Video With A Rubber Band

The lines are blurring between photography and videography. I used to resist this, but no longer. For years, I felt like photography and videography had almost nothing in common. But then my clients started demanding video, and I started enjoying it, and the next thing you know I’m shooting the stuff on a fairly regular basis. The biggest problem, as far as I can tell, is that I’m making due with photography gear for some of my video projects. Case in point, I don’t have a wonderfully smooth-panning professional video tripod head. That means I don’t do a lot of moves with my camera, and certainly not while strapped down to my tripod. But this wonderful little tip from my favorite DIY Photography blog really does seem like an excellent, free, frankly ideal solution to this age-old videography problem. By using a simple rubber band to act as a shock absorber between your hand and the tripod head, you can start and stop panning motions without any herky-jerky impact on your shots. Even if you do have a high-end video head, this tip could really help you improve the subtlety of your movements. I love it! Read all about it at

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