Improve Your Photography In Just Ten Minutes

Who wouldn’t want to become a better photographer in just a few minutes’ time? I know I would. So I took note of this exercise suggested by Mark Silber on his SilberStudios blog. It involves heeding some advice from Ansel Adams, then briefly brainstorming and writing a plan for a photograph you’d like to make. Finally, just go out and make it. It sounds simple, no? Maybe it is, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t totally effective too. I know I rely entirely too much on chance and happenstance in my photography. My best images actually come from the times I start with a plan—a specific plan—in mind. That doesn’t mean I’m afraid to change or unable to adapt and be spontaneous. It just means that I’m working in a specific, and deliberate, direction. That’s what Ansel called ìvisualization.î Check out Mark’s blog for the simple instructions and then get out there and improve your photography in the next few minutes.

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