Impressed Photo Book Publishing App

I’m normally the kind of guy who would scoff at doing all sorts of things from your phone, especially when they might better be done from a real computer. But in fact there are some apps that I find particularly intriguing—one of which is the new Impressed App, which allows you to publish and print a photo book right from your phone. I tried it out just the other night, and in about 15 minutes (that included signing up, logging in and figuring out how the app worked) I had published a book of my Instagram photographs. The app is a joint partnership between printer Pikto and Spoke Technologies. And while I’d probably leave my "serious" book design to the desktop, I love the idea of easily being able to quickly make books and prints straight from my phone. What better way to commemorate your favorite Instagram photos than via a book of them? You can print any photos from the app—not just Instagram shots—but that is what’s most intriguing to me: the ability to get your ethereal digital image files into physical printed form. In a few days when my $19 book arrives, I’ll finally start seeing my cell phone snaps more like actual photographs. Check it out at

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