Identify Birds In Your Photos

Are you interested in learning a bit about bird photography? Would you be if it weren’t for the pesky fact that you don’t know how to identify any birds? I fall into that category, but now there’s an app that can help. It’s called Birdsnap and it’s free for iPhones. It analyzes your photos to tell you what bird you’ve taken a picture of. If you don’t have an iPhone, or if you’d rather photograph birds with your "real" bird photography rig (likely a DSLR and a long telephoto) you can upload photos via the website as well. That’s good, as I’m guessing the app would appreciate a closeup view of the bird you’re trying to identify, as opposed to a wide angle phone snap with a little bird hidden somewhere in the distance. Either way, if you’ve ever considered exploring the world of bird photography, Birdsnap can help. Check it out at

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