I Am The 13 Percent

When it comes to focusing your camera there are lots of ways to go about it. In the end, though, the choices really boil down to two options: autofocus or manual. I’ve always been a fan of manual focusing. I think it’s because I learned this way in the pre-auto era, and I had some bad experiences missing shots because my early autofocusing cameras couldn’t keep up with the action or because I was working in low light. As I get older I find that I rely on my eyes a little less and on the camera to autofocus a little more. These days I’d say I use manual focus most of the time, with a little bit of autofocus thrown in. And that, according to a recent poll at Digital Photography School, means that I’m in the 13% group. Turns out that most people, by far, use autofocus most of the time. In fact, three quarters of photographers rely on autofocus at least half of the time. That’s a pretty significant group, I’d say. Check out the pie chart at DPS to see how the statistics break down, to figure out where you fall in comparison to other photographers, and to read some interesting and insightful comments from readers about how and why they choose to focus their cameras the way they do.


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