How To Design A Good-Looking Photo Book

I recently invested a fair chunk of my time into assembling and printing more than a half dozen photo books. I learned a lot about print quality, the importance of a helpful publisher with good software, and most of all the importance of good design for the layout of a book—whether it’s a portfolio, a wedding album or a coffee table keepsake. So when this morning I read a piece at Digital Photography School about how to design a good photo book layout, it really piqued my interest. I was a bit skeptical, I admit, because the one thing I found in the many book templates I tried is that those templates don’t often reflect good design. But these tips were written by the young lady behind the "Photo Book Girl" web site and she knows whereof she speaks. (Her site, btw, looks to be a great resource for all sorts of how-to tips, deals and information about making great photo books. Check it out at http://www.photobookgirl.html.) Her first bit of advice is to keep the layout simple, so you know right there she’s off to a good start—and bound to help you overcome some of the cluttered, cumbersome and downright goofy templates that exist out there in photo book world. So check out the tips at and then read about my experiences with a handful of publishers at the Digital Photo Pro web site,

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