How Sports Illustrated Photographers Shoot Football

It’s finally football season again. In honor of the return of this great sport, I wanted to share with you something specifically football-photography related. My first thought was a gallery of some great Sports Illustrated football photographs, but then I found something even better: a video of Sports Illustrated photographers in action, photographing the NCAA BCS Championship last year, and explaining how they tackle such a daunting job as photographing football on the national stage. They discuss everything from their preferred lenses to ideal positioning and techniques to help you photograph football successfully. They also talk about something very important in their jobs, which none of them can control: luck. Sometimes it’s simply about being at the right place at the right time. If you’re interested in photographing football, or if (like me) you simply love watching it, it’s neat to see how these pros handle such a high-profile, fast-paced assignment.

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