How Photographs Can Heal

This month marked the 12-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks. On his Photoshop Insider blog, Scott Kelby published a wonderful story from photographer Joe McNally, who reflects on his photographic reaction to that day. He spent the remaining days that fall photographing firefighters and rescue workers, the first responders to the horrific events of that September morning. Assembled in the book and exhibit “Faces of Ground Zero,” his portraits became a moving testament to the brave men and women who risked, and in many case gave, their lives in the line of duty that day. The centerpiece of the article is the story of a single firefighter and his experiences reacting to, and recovering from, the terrorist attacks. It’s a moving story, but also an inspiring one—helping to remind us of the power of photography, not only to tell stories, but to help people comprehend, and heal from, the events they’ve experienced. A moving must-read.

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