HD Camcorder Sunglasses

Remember when the name Rollei was synonymous with high quality medium format film cameras? Well those cameras are still available (if you’ve got the cash, of course) but these days Rollei is more synonymous with more fun and funky digital products—including video camcorders. Google Glass gets all the press for futuristic wearable devices, and GoPro gets all the accolades for hyper-portable compact HD camcorders, but it’s the new line of Rollei Actioncam Sunglasses that combines both elements into wearable sunglasses that record high definition 1920 x1080 video. There are two models available, the Cam 100 and the Cam 200, differentiated by the angle of view—from 63 degrees on the former to a 135-degree wide angle on the latter. They use Micro SDHC memory cards and include a rechargeable battery to provide 60 minutes of recording. Because they’re splash proof (not quite waterproof, but close) they can be used to document all sorts of high-action sports like snowboarding, water skiing and anything where a point of view perspective would be beneficial—all while wearing nothing more cumbersome than a regular pair of sunglasses. It’s a neat idea, that’s for sure, and maybe one that will lead to even more unique angles we’ve never quite seen before. Read all about it at Rollei.com.


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