Have A Nice Book

Have you seen the site called Have a Nice Book? It’s all about photo books. And since this week has been devoted to a few photo books I’ve been keen to get my hands on, I thought it might be nice to mention this site too. I know it’s not technically a photo book—but it’s seriously the next best thing. And it really does put photo books on a pedestal. You see, the Have a Nice Book folks get their hands on great photo books, and then they make videos of them. They browse through the books, providing you with a great glimpse at the art therein, which is not only interesting but practical—it gives you a better idea of whether or not a book might be perfect for you to purchase. Think of it like a service that allows you to preview hot new photo books, as well as one that introduces you to beautiful books by artists you may not be familiar with. More than anything, it’s all very nicely done to boot. Take a look and just try to tell me the photo book isn’t thriving in this new digital world. The site represents a great combination of the old print technology merged with digital video and the Internet. I, for one, absolutely love it.


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