Harry Callahan At Conscientious

This post is about two of my favorite things that I always look forward to sharing with others: the Conscientious blog and the amazing photography of Harry Callahan. Recently on Conscientious—the blog where Joerg Colberg writes about fine photography and photo books—he told of the new Callahan retrospective taking place in Hamburg, Germany. While it’s doubtful I’ll be able to visit Germany next month to see the show, what I can do is purchase the book that accompanies the exhibition, titled simply Harry Callahan. According to Colberg, it’s a beautiful book that lays out Callahan’s long career and tremendous body of work in chronological order—which makes sense to me, as watching the artist evolve seems like the best way to view his tremendous work. Anyway, if you happen to be visiting Germany soon, or if you’re like me a fan of Harry Callahan, make an effort to see the show or get the book. For a look inside the book via video tour, check out the Deichtorhallen Museum’s web site as well.


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