Happy Halloween

Today’s post is simply spooktacular. It’s Halloween and I’ve got a couple of great places for you to go today for some haunted photo tips. The first one I know is an excellent piece because I wrote it myself. It’s here at the Digital Photo web site in the Tip of the Week section. (Which, by the way, you should definitely sign up to have a new photo tip emailed to your inbox each week.) It’s five tips that will help you make creepy lighting, or successful low-light images of glowing jack-o-lanterns, or awesome portraits of costumed kids. In a similar vein, the Digital Photography School blog just published its own take on Halloween tips. They aren’t overly Halloween-centric, but they still offer useful insights for a variety of photographic situations. And the accompanying ghoulish images are really nice as well. Neither post, unfortunately, includes advice for acquiring more candy or avoiding having your house tee-peed by devilish kids. For that you’re on your own.


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