Hands-On Copyright Protection

If you find your photograph on a site where it doesn’t belong, do you know what to do about it? I don’t mean send an invoice and hire a lawyer, I mean the basics. Namely, how to send a takedown request the quick and easy way via our old friends at Google. Google announced last month that it now receives an average of 2.5 million copyright infringement-related takedown requests every week. (Thanks to Rob Haggart’s A Photo Editor blog to pointing me to this interesting statistic.) In the last six months since Google made it incredibly easy to report copyright infringers—whether they’re using your photos, music or other copyrighted intellectual property—the company reports that takedown requests have grown tenfold. So if you find your photo being used improperly, yes you can start by sending the infringer an invoice and hiring a lawyer, but you should also visit Google to have the content removed from search results. Check out the cold hard facts, straight from Google’s mouth, on their copyright data page,  then head over to the search giant’s information page for help on removing infringing content from Google’s index. 


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