Hackers Attack Adobe

As great as it is to live in our hyper-connected digital world, there are some pitfalls. None are more troubling than when it comes to compromising the safety of our personal information. Credit card numbers get hijacked, email addresses are sold… These challenges are increasingly prevalent, and no company or industry is immune. In fact, just last week Adobe sent me an email—along with about 3 million other customers—to inform us of the recent theft of data by hackers who broke into Adobe’s system. This is the nature of life in the cloud, I suppose, so I’m sure it’s neither the first nor the last time we’ll deal with such things. As best I can tell, Adobe seems to be dealing with it the right way. The company is "resetting relevant customer passwords to help prevent unauthorized access." If your information was compromised, you’ll receive an email from Adobe with instructions for changing your password—as I’ve already done. I don’t like losing control of my personal information, but I appreciate that Adobe at least kept that information encrypted so that its value seems to be negligible.


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