Gregory Heisler

I recently attended a lecture by Gregory Heisler. What a great speaker, what an enjoyable evening, and what a ridiculously talented photographer. He showed a video of himself in action and he explained the creation of dozens of his images—including iconic Time and Life magazine covers you’re doubtlessly familiar with. A friend and I were struck by how much the video of Mr. Heisler working in studio reminded each of us of our own studios, and the general energy and approach we take to every photo shoot. What was different, of course, was the end result—proving to me, anyway, that it isn’t about the gear or the technique so much as it’s about the creativity. And it probably doesn’t hurt if you’re a true photographic genius, as Mr. Heisler seems to be. So I recommend that you rush out to his web site right away to view a variety of his portrait galleries. Then head over to YouTube to watch him diagram the lighting he used on a few famous shots, courtesy of his lighting sponsor, Profoto. Then think about all of Mr. Heisler’s great advice and wonderful photographs, and go out and put that information to use in your own work.

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